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Wall formwork

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Designed to be tailored to many very diverse types of task, so it gives you ideal scope for adapting the shapes and sizes of wall.

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RIM VTF 120 (Wall Formwork System)

Wall formwork VTF120

RIMMCA Wall Formwork VTF 120 is designed to be tailored to many very diverse types of task,
so it gives youideal scope for adapting the shapes and sizes ofthe elements to suit your structure.
High flexibility with only three main system components can meet any constructionrequirements.



RIMMCA Wall Formwork VTF 120 adapts to various kinds of projects asking for different thickness ,height & shapes of walls,like power plant,tower and apartment etc.



RIMMCA not only provides you well-made products but also optimized and individualized solutions,avoiding the trouble back at home.



RIM VTF 120 is a simple and efficient formwork system which most of the members can be re-use recycles.short forming times and large optimized units can save your labour and time.

Wall & column


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