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Slab Formwrok

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RIMMCA Slab Formwork STF 20 is a fast, hand-set floor-slab formwork system.

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RIM STF 20 Slab Formwork

Slab formwork

RIMMCA STF 20 is a fast,hand-set floor-slab formwork system which is made up of several basic components. You can form every slab thickness, every layout and every height with RIM STF 20.The system allows for large spans, and this reduces the number of parts that have to be moved. RIM STF 20 thus represents efficient working in any type of requirement.


High load-bearing capacity 
Large spans reduce the number of parts,It can be optimised for all slab thicknesses and geometries through the selection of the girders and girder combinations


Depending on the prop type, fewer girders and props,the economic choice due to cost-efficient components that can be used again and again


Adaptable to any layout and floor extension thanks to the overlapping of the girders,it owns perfect adaptability to walls and columns.


Freely selectable 
Plywood and props can be chosen depending on demands and requirements


RIMMCA professional technical team and perfect after-sales service is committed to give you the best experience

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